Native American Flute Music

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  2. January 13, 2018 1:49 am

Native American Flute Music

Native American flute music is thousands of years old and still exists in modern times. There are many different styles of this haunting music, all played on traditional Native American flutes. From movie soundtracks to meditation music, the distinctive timber of these ancient flutes is easily recognizable. The music produced by these wooden musical instruments is highly spiritual and often conjures up images of nature and Native American culture.

Modern Native American flutes are tuned in concert pitch so they can be played along side other instruments. Although tuned to be played with accompanying music, there are also many styles where the flute is played solo. A and D are the most common keys for these flutes to be tuned to.

The modern versions of these flutes are generally set to a minor pentatonic scale, the same scale that is used in blues music. The minor scale gives these instruments their haunting and mournful sound. Pentatonic scales only have five notes, and many flutes simply have five corresponding finger holes. That is not to say that all Native American flutes use the same scale, some flutes are set to other scales.

Native American flute music saw a revival in interest in the United States during the late 1960s. The spiritual movement of the time ushered in a new generation of Native American flautists. One particular artist, Mary Youngblood, was awarded two Grammys for her flute music.

The music made by the traditional Native American flute is also used in meditation music for its calming and spiritual sound.

Native American flute music can now be heard all over the world, and the flute is played by people of all different nationalities and cultures.

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